The best way to create a desirable influencer brief

Start by approaching it more like a public relations specialist and less like a marketer. Anybody that is well versed in PR knows the power that a Great story holds. A great story has the potential to stimulate your thinking and push you to act or behave in a way you would have otherwise not considered. You can get a great story from someone who commands authority as far as the subject matter is concerned. My experience as a digital marketer in a PR firm has taught me that the most successful influencer campaigns are those that embrace great organic storytelling. They point out to the right obstacles, are introduced at the opportune moments and have the right voices behind them. The following three questions will be essential the next time you are drafting an influencer brief.


What are the biggest obstacles to my products? A while ago, meeting your partner on an online platform was seen as unacceptable and kept secret. However, Tinder came and changed that notion. It was able to do this by creating an airtight promotional campaign that focused on the existing obstacle. This was the stigma associated with meeting a date online. By convincing the public that it was acceptable to meet a partner an online dating platform, Tinder was able to eliminate the stigma in the market; and thus their success as the highest-grossing application on Apples iTunes App Store.


In a similar case, a makeup enthusiast may lack faith in the eyeshade lasting till happy hour without creasing, or a suburban mom showing less concern to the organic sugar than whether the dough of cookie will have the same tasty flavor as the homemade one. It is the same skeptical attitude that college students have towards detergents and their superiority over what they currently are using. What am I trying to say? If you are aware of the mental barriers keeping the market from the product, that need to be eliminated, you can surely and courageously advice your influencers to address them in their posts. What are the right moments for my product to be most welcome? Consider Halloween, Back to school and Holiday shopping season!

These are all dates worth circling in a marketer’s campaign calendar. This can be done better by also focusing on the small daily life moments of your audience that anybody can relate to. Checking social media for moment-related patterns will be an out-of-the-box approach to this. What are the most influential voices to my audience at a particular moment? Every type of influencer can be powerful, but the arrival of follower bots and other bandwagoners implies that you can’t really be sure of the value of the following.


To be safe, find influencers who have the most authoritative voices at the moment you are interested in and determine the impact of influencers in a particular conversation. The goal here is to realize that influencers and their faithful are multi-dimensional creatures. They possess interests and authority on all types of moments beyond their defined blogging category. Drafting an influencer brief is no easy task. However, investing your time to understand what factors will persuade the influencers’ audience will help them come up with something followers will faithfully embrace.

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